Laminate Flooring And Underlay

Keep peace of mind taking care of regular ongoing maintenance issues that come with owning a home.  Who wants to a climb a ladder or has the skills to find that annoying leak in the home?  Our team can provide an assessment of your property and set up a maintenance schedule that meets your needs.


Even the handy of handymen admit occasionally that aside from the standard cleaning that their skills end when professional repairs become needed. Severe issues occur from loosely secured mounted gutters that leak at the joints.  Let us protect your home’s HVAC appliances, exterior paint, siding, and foundation.  Additional concerns in favor of having maintenance plan are:


  •         Excess power consumption.
  •         Unclean machinery heats up abnormally leading to fire hazards.
  •         If vents are clogged with debris or other particulate matter efficiency decreases
  •         If you don’t monitor your gas/ fuel connections, health issues and fire hazards may happen


Monthly maintenance routine

To keep your HVAC appliances doing well ensure that you do the following two steps at least once a month.

  •         Check thermostat settings
  •         Clean out the vents, replace filters, and keep it dust free as much as possible


Annual maintenance routine

Homeowners are encouraged to carry out a maintenance routine at least twice a year to check your home’s power consumption is optimized and to locate and avoid hazards that are taking place. Let us help you with your annual maintenance routine to ensure healthy running HVAC appliances systems.

  • Professional inspection of your HVAC units and garage door opener
  • Professional air duct cleaning
  • Re-check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clean the area around HVAC units and ensure that it always remains dry
  • open and close your vents according to season
  • -semi-annual gutter cleaning and checking of joints and points of possible damage from weather
  • pressure wash your driveway and seal if necessary